Sunday, April 15, 2012

NTMS 90-day Challenge Day 77 "Swatch of the day"

I've decided to start doing swatches of my collection since I'm trying to do a no-buy.  It always helps to see what you already have.  I'm not making the no-buy official because the ladies at NTMS are always posting goodies that I just have to have.

 Todays swatch is Chocoholic Robot by "Madd Style Cosmetics."  This color is described as a "warm milk chocolaty tone with green glitter and glitz."  This color is absolutely gorgeous, and my swatches did it absolutely no justice.  The color is extremely similar to the skin tone of my arms and hand, and the glitter just refused to photograph on the swatches.  Trust me when I say it's gorgeous!


See the glittery goodness!

Swatched dry on my arm (see how close it is to my skin tone)

Swatched over UDPP

I would definitely recommend that you use Pixie Epoxy or another type of glitter glue with this eyeshadow.  It is absolutely gorgeous paired with a mint-green shadow.  I like to pair it with Madd Style's "Afternoon Delight."

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