Wednesday, January 2, 2013

November/December Empties

I didn't have very many empties in November, so I'm combining both months.  I'm on a no/low buy for a while, so there should be a lot more empties this year.

  All of my used products.

 This was a sample received in my Target Beauty Bag.  It was okay, but I have extremely dry skin.  I won't be purchasing any of this.

Sigh....what can I say about these?  Ghost Puffs is AMAZING!  It smells like Rice Krispy Treats every time you take a shower.  I love Haus of Gloi.

These were also amazing!  Bad Witch from Dreaming Tree Soapworks is probably one of the sexiest scents that I've ever smelled.

I'm sure you can tell how much I used these by the fact that the writing is gone.  These were Cenobite by Solstice Scents.  It's my favorite vanilla-scented product.

I can't go on enough about Whipfinity.  I used this product for my skin and hair and also for my son's eczema.  It's flat-out amazing.  I especially recommend the cookie dough scent.  It can be purchased here.

This was toner was great.  I probably won't be repurchasing it right now as I have switched back to just using witch hazel, but it definitely is something I plan to buy again in the future.  I also recommend the moisturizers from Rachel Rene.

This was a sample that I received in my Ipsy Glam Bag.  I liked it, but I prefer my current moisturizer.

Darling Girl's Bye Bye Dry is one of my holy grail products when I have an eczema flareup.  I bought it for my son's eczema, but I use it more for myself now.

I know that these look a lot like lip balm, but they're actually deodorant samples from Rachel Rene.  I bought samples before deciding on a full-sized one.  My favorite of the samples was definitely Iced Tea.  It smells amazing!  Since trying her deodorant, I haven't used anything else.  I'm definitely sold on this product.

I purchased these wipes from Dollar Tree because they were out of the ones that I normally use.  These are HORRIBLE!  They're entirely too thin and hard to pull out of the pack one at a time.  They also burn like hell around the eye area.  I will never buy these again.

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